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Establishment type: Pub, bar or casino
 NameAddressCreate dateUnsatisfactory conditions
Pub, bar or casino Vladimír Nádvorník Koutníkova 768, 503 01 Hradec Králové 9/18/2020 Occurrence of mice excrements
Pub, bar or casino Karel Prkno náměstí Smiřických 79, 281 63 Kostelec nad Černými lesy 8/24/2020 Occurrence of mice excrements
Occurrence of mould on the equipment
Occurrence of mould in cooling equipment
Strongly neglected cleaning
Accumulation of waste
Strong fouling of entire premises
Filth on the walls
Filth on the floor
Filth on shelves or equipment
Strongly fouled cooling equipment (no other storing premises available)
Premises used also for storing of items that could have impact on food quality or safety
Risk of contamination of foodstuffs due to unsatisfactory premises