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Place of inspection: ViaPharma s.r.o.
  Product nameBatchPlace of inspectionProducerDateControlMap
Succeed Country of origin: United Kingdom Dr. Max KIDS GUMMIES 06 2017; L507169 ViaPharma s.r.o.
Nučice (K Vypichu 497, 25216 Nučice)
Dr.Max Pharma Limited, First Floor Roxburghe House, 273-287 Regent Street, London, W1B 2HA, UK 2/15/2016 -
Checking supplements in vitamin sweets for children and possibly syrups or common vitamin sweets in terms of misleading consumers Show map
Succeed Country of origin: XXX (unknown) SPIRULINA 02.05.2015; L 31212 ViaPharma s.r.o.
Podolí (Podolí 472, 66403 Podolí)
ASP CZECH s.r.o., K Teplinám 679, Slušovice 3/31/2014 -
Check irradiated food Show map