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State of the date 1/26/2023 1/27/2023
Website description:

Websites are in Czech language. This is an advertising website. The product Diaxil is promoted here. Diaxil is said to be able to help eliminate diabetes at any stage.

What to watch out for:

1) The mentioned website contains a fictional interview with the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic.

2) The website contains the unauthorized use of the logo of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

3) The website uses the CNN Prima News logo without authorization and imitates the website of this news portal.

4) The promoted product Diaxil gives the impression that a medicament is concerned. In fact it is a food (food supplement). It is not registered as a medicinal product in the Czech Republic.

5) The texts on the websites contain so-called medical claims and unauthorised health claims in relation to the product Diaxil, which is in contradiction to legislation

6) The operator of the websites uses unfair business practices (The person listed on the website has never conducted the interview and has never promoted the product. Untrue time limit of the product offer.)

7) The operator of the websites is not known. Internet domain „terracepaint.com“ is registered outside the territory of the CR (in the USA) and the domain name holder is from Russia.

8) Consumers fill a form (name and phone number) on the websites. They are then contacted from a telephone line to conclude the contract.

9) With regard to the fact that the entity administrating the Internet domain in question is located outside the territory of the CR, activities of Czech supervisory bodies towards the operator of the websites are very limited. 

Reference number: W23-000002-SZPI-CZ