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State of the date 8/20/2020 8/20/2020
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Website description:

Websites are in Czech language and they advertise product Dialine which allegedly helps in treatment of diabetes.

What to watch out for:

1) The offered product gives the impression that a medicament is concerned. In fact it is a food supplement (thus a foodstuff is concerned).

2) The texts on the websites include so-called medical claims and unauthorised health claims in relation to the advertised foodstuff – food supplement Dialine, which is in contradiction to legislation.

3) The operator of the websites uses unfair business practices (for example indicating of non-existing entities, publishing a certificate of quality and compliance related to a different product, etc.).

4) Food supplement Dialine cannot be ordered on this websites, however, there is a direct interactive link to e-shop on https://czdialine.phytosbest.com/?country_code=CZ offering the food supplement in question for sale in contraction to legislation.

5) Based on the information indicated on the websites, consumers may believe that they are operated by the Ministry of Health of the CR, which is misleading.

6) Internet domain phytosbest.com is registered outside the territory of the CR and the domain name holder is a US legal entity.

7) With regard to the fact that the entity administrating the Internet domain in question is located outside the territory of the CR, activities of Czech supervisory bodies towards the operator of the websites are very limited. 

Reference number: W20-000018-SZPI-CZ