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State of the date 12/2/2019 12/10/2019
Website description:

Websites http://cascteni.eu/cs/meduza?session=5dc00d874d28e705718945 are in Czech language. It is an advertising website where food supplement SugaNorm allegedly helping with treatment of diabetes is presented.

What to watch out for:

1) Article titled “České způsoby léčení cukrovky naprosto šokují” (Czech methods of diabetes treatment are absolutely shocking) is published on the website. The article contains interview with alleged doctor Klaus Volker without specifying aTV channel, magazine editorial office or author of the article.  

2) Food supplement SugaNorm is presented in the article insinuating that a medicament is concerned (in fact it is a foodstuff), and medical and non-authorised health claims on the advertised foodstuff are used here in contradiction to legislation. The operator of the websites uses unfair misleading practices here.

3) It is not possible to purchase food supplement SugaNorm here, however, the website contains active links to e-shop http://cz2.suganormnd.com where the product is offered for sale, however in contradiction to legislation. Nevertheless, websites http://cz2.suganormnd.com are untruly referred to as official websites of the Czech Endocrinologic Centre.

4) Websites http://cascteni.eu contain untrue information on their operator (see Section “Contacts”).

5) Information in footnote are stated in Russian language as well.

Reference number: W19-000040-SZPI-CZ