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State of the date 11/23/2023 11/24/2023
Website description:

The website is in Czech language. The product offered can be purchased in Czech crowns. The website offers product Cardione, which is intended for hypertension and other symptoms such as reduction of cholesterol level or protection against heart attacks and strokes.

What to watch out for:

1) The product gives the impression that it is a medicament but in fact it is a food supplement, i.e. a foodstuff.

2) No contact details are stated on the website.

3) There are no Trade Terms on the website, i.e. no information relevant to conclusion of a purchasing contract. When ordering the product, consumers do not know with whom and under what conditions they are entering into a contract.

4) The website lacks mandatory information on foodstuffs, so-called medical claims and unauthorised health claims are stated here, which is contrary to applicable legislation. 

5) The website in question is registered outside the Czech Republic and the domain name holder is from Iceland.

6) The order is placed by a consumer entering a telephone number and name into the ordering form, and then being contacted via a telephone line to confirm the order and provide delivery details.

7) Activities of Czech supervisory authorities towards the operator of this website are very limited.

Reference number: W23-000027-SZPI-CZ