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State of the date 11/6/2023 11/6/2023
Access to these websites from the Czech Republic has been blocked since 11/7/2023
Offered food:

MMS drops: MMS1 (sodium chlorite), MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite)

Website description:

The website in Czech language is advertising products MMS drops: MMS1 (sodium chlorite), MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) with a link to an e-shop where the products could be purchased in the CR.

What to watch out for:

1) The website in question presents products MMS1 (sodium chlorite), MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) as foodstuffs (suitable for consumption), while they are chemical compounds that can threaten the health of consumers if consumed.


2) The website contains information encouraging consumption of MMS drops: MMS1 (sodium chlorite), MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) including links to an e-shop where these products can be purchased (the e-shop concerned presents the products as chemicals without providing information on the possibility of consumption). The website contains number of unauthorised medical claims. Provisions of Article 5d(2) of Act No. 40/1995 Coll., on Advertising Regulation and on amendments to Act No. 468/1991 Coll., on the Operation of Radio and Television Broadcasting, as amended, are violated by attributing properties to foodstuffs that enable them to prevent, alleviate or cure a certain human disease in contradiction to Article 7(3) of Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011.


3) No operator of website https://www.mms-kapky.cz/ is identified. No information on the advertiser, processor or distributor of the advertisement is available. There is no “Contact Us” or another tab on the website with the same meaning.


4) According to Register https://www.nic.cz/whois/domain/mms-kapky.cz/, Slovakian company GFG Capital & Financial Protection, s. r. o. (Števica Marek, address: Wolkrova 11, 85101 Bratislava) is the holder of the domain mms-kapky.cz.


5) The holder of the domain name did not respond to CAFIA request for remedy of the situation. No measure was taken even by the Slovak supervisory body that had been requested for an inspection via the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).


6) With regard to the fact that the domain holder is located outside the Czech Republic, the activities of Czech supervisory authorities towards the operator are very limited.



Reference number: W23-000026-SZPI-CZ