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Abtei A-Z multivitamín komplex

Adulterated food Germany Retail Retail Archive record 11/20/2015
Place of inspection:
Hradec Králové (Dukelská třída 1713/7, 50002 Hradec Králové)
IN: 47239581
Food group: Foods for particular nutritional uses, food supplements / Food supplements
Abtei A-Z multivitamín komplex
Category: Adulterated food
Unsatisfactory parameter:
vitamin B2

Výrobek obsahoval méně vitamínu B2, než bylo uvedeno na obale.

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Batch: L4490171
Best date: 12 2016
Packaging: papírová krabička
The amount of product in the package: 48 g
Producer: ABTEI OP Pharma GmbH, Abtei 1, D-37696 Marienmunster
Distributor: Distributor: Omega Pharma a.s., Drážní 7, 627 00 Brno
Country of origin: Germany
Date of taking the sample: 8/18/2015
Reference number: 15-000686-SZPI-CZ
Sample was detected by official control of Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.