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Ớt đỏ nhỏ đóng túi 100g; Chilli (red) 100g

Unsafe food Cambodia Wholesale Wholesale Archive record 9/6/2023
Place of inspection:
Praha (Ve Smečkách 604/5, 110 00 Praha)
IN: 08854815
Food group: Fresh vegetables, fresh mushrooms / Fruiting vegetables
Ớt đỏ nhỏ đóng túi 100g; Chilli (red) 100g
Category: Unsafe food
Unsatisfactory parameter:

V potravině byl překročen maximální limit reziduí pesticidů - chlorfenapyr devítinásobně, diafenthiuron dvojnásobně, hexaconazole čtyřnásobně, permethrin čtyřnásobně, propiconazol trojnásobně.

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Packaging: Polystyrenová krabice + PP perforovaný obal
The amount of product in the package: 0,1 kg
Importer: MN FOOD s.r.o., Ve Smečkách 04/5, Praha 110 00
Country of origin: Cambodia
Date of taking the sample: 5/11/2023
Reference number: 23-000544-SZPI-CZ
Sample was detected by official control of Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.