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Brambory konzumní ranné ADORA

Adulterated food Italia Wholesale Wholesale Archive record 7/27/2021
Place of inspection:
Praha (K Radotínu - pobočka C 202 492, 15600 Praha)
IN: 62908278
Food group: Potatoes / Early potatoes
Brambory konzumní ranné ADORA
Category: Adulterated food
Unsatisfactory parameter:
odrůdová pravost

Brambory nebyly odrůdy ADORA.

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Batch: 0006192786
Packaging: rašlový pytel
The amount of product in the package: 25 kg
Country of origin: Italia
Date of taking the sample: 6/15/2021
Reference number: 21-000226-SZPI-CZ
Sample was detected by official control of Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.